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Although some people are still {skeptical|hesitant|uncertain} about {chiropractic|chiropractic care}, even the American Medical Association (AMA) {suggests|recommends} that adjustments should be tried prior to {surgery|surgical treatment}--the one option that should be a last resort.

#Name# has seen many back pain patients in our #City# office who have been {suffering|hurting|in pain} for years and who are {worried|afraid} that they might need an operation for their back pain. #Name# has had great success in helping patients recover and avoid risky back surgery, and the science backs up our experience.

Research {Supports|Shows|Proves} Chiropractic Helps You Avoid Risky Surgery

{For example|Recently}, in {one|a} study {conducted|carried out} on {almost|about} 2,000 Washington State {workers|employees} who suffered from a back injury while {on the job|at work}, more than {42%|40%} who saw a surgeon first following their injury found themselves having back surgery within three years. That compares to just 1.5% of the {individuals|people|patients} who first sought treatment with {chiropractic|chiropractic care}, {proving|demonstrating|showing} that this {natural|non-invasive} approach is {extremely|very} effective at keeping you {out of the operating room|off the operating table}.

#Name# Can Help {People|Patients|Clients} Find {Relief|Comfort} From Back Pain Without Surgery

There are {alternatives|options} to risky medical procedures. Chiropractic is a proven effective and safe way to improve the function of your spine, which is the root cause of back pain. #Name# has helped many patients in #City# recover. Give our office a call today at #Phone# for an appointment.


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Keeney BJ, Fulton-Kehoe D, Turner JA, et al. Early predictors of lumbar spine surgery after occupational back injury: results from a prospective study of workers in Washington State. Spine 2013;38(11):953-964.

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