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#City# sports injury treatment and chiropracticWe {see|encounter|come across} a {lot|good deal|large number} of sports injuries in our #City# {office|clinic}, and #Name# is {often|generally|usually} able to {help|assist} these athletes. Stanford Children’s Hospital {reports|states} that {more than|over} 3.5 million children {aged|of the ages} 14 and {younger|below} are {injured|hurt} each year {while|when} playing sports. Add that to the {almost|close to|nearly} 2 million adults {hurt|injured} {annually|each year|every year} while {engaged|taking part|participating} in sports-related activities, {according to|as reported by} statistics {compiled|collected} by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and you can {begin|start} to see the {importance|necessity} of {preventing|minimizing} these {types|sorts} of {widespread|common} injuries. One {way|approach} to {potentially|possible} {achieve|realize} that goal, {according to|as reported by|as stated in} a study {published|released} in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, is to {engage in|receive} {regular|routine} chiropractic {care|treatments}.

In Australian Rules football, hamstring and other leg {injuries|traumas} are {common|commonplace}, {often|frequently} sidelining the players and {affecting|impacting} their team's {chance at|likelihood of|odds of} {securing a win|winning}. One {particular|specific} study was {conducted|administered} using 59 semi-elite Australian Rules footballers to see {whether|if|how well} chiropractic could {reduce|diminish|cut down on} these injuries and help keep them {in the game|playing}.

Research {Supports|Shows|Proves} Chiropractic Helps in Treating Sports Injuries

For this study {in particular|specifically|particularly}, {all|every one} of the {participants|volunteers|players} {received|got|was given} medical treatment. {Additionally|In addition|Furthermore}, half of them also {engaged in|received|were given} chiropractic {sessions|treatments} at the rate of {one|1} {session|treatment} {per|each} week for the first {six|6} weeks, biweekly {sessions|treatments} for the {next|following} three months, and one {treatment|session} {per|each|a} month for the {remaining|final|last} {three|3} months of the study. The {remaining|other} {half|group|participants} {had|were given} no chiropractic intervention {whatsoever|at all} and {acted|were used} as the control group to {assess|determine} the benefits of {chiropractic|chiropractic adjustments|chiropractic care}.

{After|Following} {24|twenty-four} matches, {researchers|scientists|specialists} {reported|noticed|noted} a {reduced|lessened|diminished} {number|amount} of lower limb muscle strains in the group that had {received|been given} chiropractic care. {Furthermore|Moreover|Additionally}, that {same|very} group also missed fewer matches {related|connected|correlated} to non-contact knee injuries. This lead the researchers to {conclude|come to the conclusion} that chiropractic {should|ought to} be {added|made an addition} to sports training programs to {effectively|dramatically} {reduce|decrease|lessen} the {number|amount|quantity} of leg injuries.

#Name# Can Help {People|Patients|Clients} Find {Relief|Comfort} From Sports Injuries & Help You Recover {Faster|Quicker}

If you or your child {plays|are active in} sports and you {want|would like} to {make sure|ensure} {more|greater} time is {spent|dedicated} on the field {as opposed to|versus} on the {bench|sidelines}, call our #City# office at #Phone# and {schedule|make} an appointment today. We will do our best to keep you in the game!


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