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What Should You Do After an Auto Injury?

What Should You Do After an Auto Injury in Depew, Lancaster, Lancaster, West   Seneca, and Elma, NYWondering what you should do after an auto injury in Depew, NY? Chiropractor Dr. William Palmer is experienced in treating car accident injuries in Depew, Lancaster, Lancaster, West Seneca, and Elma, NY, so can provide expert advice and treatment.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, proper response may mean the difference between a pain-free future and one that leaves you in agony for years to come. So, what are some things you should do if you receive an auto injury?

Record Everything

You’ll want to start a log and record all of your medical issues and appointments. Over time it is easy to forget what happened and when, so a detailed written record can help you refresh your memory if need be.

Take Pictures

If your injuries are visible, you will probably want to take pictures every couple of days in case you need them for your auto insurance company or if you find yourself involved in litigation (court proceedings). The more documentation you have, the better off you will be if you have to prove the effects of the car crash.

See a Depew Chiropractor

Make an appointment with a chiropractor, whether you’re feeling back pain or not, as almost half of the spinal injuries reported are a result of an automobile accident (in fact, this number is more than slip-and-fall and sports injuries combined). Essentially, you want to ensure the car accident didn’t inadvertently knock your spine out of place and create problems for you now or down the road. A chiropractor can also help to evaluate the extent of your auto injury for insurance or litigation purposes.If you want a chiropractor that cares about your total health, Dr. William Palmer is the Depew chiropractor for you. Dr. William Palmer is located at Buffalo Chiropractic in Depew, NY, bordering Cheektowaga, Lancaster, West Seneca, and Elma, NY. He has helped many auto injury victims find relief from the pain they suffer as the result of a car accident. He does this by conducting a thorough examination and immediately beginning treatment options that will offer the best results. Call your Depew chiropractor Dr. Palmer today to get on the road to recovery!

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March 25, 2014
Dr. Palmer

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