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How to Deal with Pain After a Car Accident

How to deal with back pain after a car accident in Cheektowaga NYIf you’ve been involved in a car accident, it is likely that you have at least a minimal amount of pain as a result. Depending on the severity of the crash, you may even feel pain that is debilitating in nature. Either way, you need and deserve some relief immediately, even before seeing your Cheektowaga chiropractor, so here is how to get it:

* Take it easy. Although you may want to pretend that the car accident never happened and go about “life as usual,” doing so can aggravate the affected area, making the pain worse. Take it easy for a day or two and let your body heal and you’ll feel much better in the long run.

* Use ice and heat. For the first couple of days after your car accident, you may want to try applying ice and heat to the affected area, alternating them in 20 minute intervals. Both have the ability to soothe your pain while encouraging that particular area to heal more effectively at the same time.

* See your Cheektowaga chiropractor. The best way to ease your car accident-related pain is to cure the issue that is creating it, which is where your Cheektowaga chiropractor comes in. Dr. Palmer will give you a thorough examination to find the source or your problem and together you will come up with a plan to rectify it.

Don’t let your car accident leave you in pain. Come see Dr. Palmer at Buffalo Chiropractic Center today and start on the road to recovery!
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September 23, 2014
Dr. Palmer

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