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Back Pain and Constipation Lancaster ny

Back Pain Medications and Constipation in Lancaster, NYThe days when the only way to decrease your back pain was to take prescription medication are gone. The problem was that then you had to deal with the side effects.

One of these side effects you may not have noticed was constipation, which occurred because the digestive system slowed down so much from the medication. This side effect may not have been very obvious because it’s easy to overlook constipation or blame it on what you ate or didn’t eat, or the water you didn’t drink.

Nevertheless, the more constipated you get, the greater the back pain is since all the digested food starts taking up space within your belly. The greater the constipation is, the greater the chance that the inflamed intestines are now adding to the compression of the nerves on an already injured lumbar spine or sacrum.

You know this is true because if you start an herbal laxative or a colon cleanse and move out some of the contents of the colon, your back pain is relieved.

The good news is that your Lancaster chiropractor can give you suggestions on how to get your colon working properly again. A chiropractic manipulation in the lumbar spine will relieve the compression on the nerve that may not be relieved any other way. He may also use chiropractic techniques on your ilio-cecal valve to insure the contents of the digestive tract are easily transported without delay. The result is always the relief of back pain.

Not very many people understand this connection between constipation with painkillers for back pain. However, chiropractors are constantly evaluating back pain from every angle – and they see this connection frequently. Those who take the strongest painkillers have the worst constipation, and if they also have back problems in the lumbar spine and sacrum, these worsen.

Break the cycle of pain between your back pain and painkillers by calling your chiropractor today. Dr. Palmer understands how spinal problems can affect your entire body; he uses gentle, non-invasive treatments to help his patients in Lancaster and Depew recover from back pain while accomplishing better health.

Contact your Lancaster chiropractor to get things moving with your health! 

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