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February 18th, 2016

Preventing Chronic Back Pain

​Patients with acute low back pain rarely take sick leave but frequently develop chronic symptoms, a study from the journal Spine suggests.In the st ...

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February 5th, 2016

Quicker Sciatica Healing with Chiropractic Adjustments

In our Depew office, it isn't uncommon for us to see patients struggling with sciatic nerve pain, and Buffalo Chiropractic Center has he ...

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December 10th, 2015

Want To Avoid Surgery? See A Chiropractor

In our Depew, New York office, we see many patients who are struggling with back pain, and a few of these folks have been informed they might need sur ...

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September 28th, 2015

Herniated Disc Treatment in Depew & Lancaster

Research shows that 90 percent of people with herniated discs improve with chiropractic. If you live in Depew or Lancaster, NY and have been diagnosed ...

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